Tim Davis got into trouble at age 12 for reading Treasure Island under his blankets by flashlight when he was supposed to be sleeping. When he grew up, he pursued his love of children’s literature by earning a PhD in English and teaching Children’s Literature at university. He left academia in order to move to the San Francisco Bay Area and teach elementary school under an emergency program that let college graduates teach if they worked in the inner city. Tim Davis still lives in the Bay Area and recently began writing a series of children’s books that he hopes will get some other kids in trouble for reading under the blankets with a flashlight.


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Sea Cutter


It's 1771 and I've just gotten a secret message from Father who -- all of New Bedford says -- went down with his ship in the storm. I know I promised Mother never to put to sea, but what's more important -- keeping a promise or finding Father? If you want to come with me, help me find a ship bound for the South Atlantic, and we'll search together for a legendary island, and Father.

But watch out for a smelly, slim, oily-looking sailor with a tattoo of a viper coiled around his arm. We're going to leave him far behind...


Sea Cutter won first place in the 2012 International Digital Awards for Short YA fiction.

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Sea Cutter
Book I in The Chronicles of Nathaniel Childe.

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Red Stone


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